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  • 2019/07/04 Homepage now open
  • 2019/05/21 Feature on TV TSK Broadcasting’s “Yahho!”
  • 2019/05/19 Crowdfunding campaign starts
  • 2019/05/15 Anime Expo 2019 Announcement


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Seishun Youth Academy is a girl group based in Vancouver, Canada and is a sister unit to the Japanese rock group Seishun Gakuen. They aim to make a difference in the world with their positive message of friendship, acceptance, and never giving up. This all-Canadian girl group gets the audience pumping with their energetic performance, complete with over-the-top dance routines and live singing!

Seishun Youth Academy is backed by the Japanese talent agency, NoMake. It is a sister group to Fukuoka based rock idol unit Seishun Gakuen, which was founded in 2010 and has continued activities since, with multiple chart topping releases and yearly performances at Japan’s largest idol music festivals. All of Seishun Youth Academy’s songs are original, written and composed by the group’s producer SHUN. Ally&Sally, who are concurrently members of Seishun Gakuen, are Vancouver born and raised, and are Seishun Youth Academy’s founding members. With 6 current members and always expanding, Seishun Youth Academy aims to spread Japanese idol culture throughout North America along with the positive message of their songs.




Birth Date: February 22nd

Birth Place: Vancouver, Canada

Height: 5'5"

Member Colour: Passion Red

Languages: English, Japanese

Hobbies: Researching Japanese idols

Favourite Food: Hong Kong Beef noodles

Comment from Sally
As the class representative, I’ll work hard to bring everyone together and reach our dreams!



Birth Date: February 22nd

Birth Place: Vancouver, Canada

Height: 5'6"

Member Colour: Healing Blue

Languages: English, Japanese

Hobbies: Playing visual novels

Favourite Food: Butter Chicken

Comment from Ally
I hope to be the best big sister possible for all of SYA!

Jessica Lin


Birth Date: November 29th

Birth Place: Toronto, Canada

Height: 5'2"

Member Colour: Electric Orange

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Hobbies: Go on adventures in the city!

Favourite Food: Injeolmi Toast

Comment from Jessica
I want to bring a smile to your face and spread positive messages with the power of music and dance!

Stella Han


Birth Date: April 18th

Birth Place: Korea

Height: 5'2"

Member Colour: Mystic Purple

Languages: English, Korean, Japanese

Hobbies: Playing PC/console games

Favourite Food: Soba noodles

Comment from Stella
I hope that our music would bring lots of joy and happiness to everyone all around Canada and the world.

Emily Campbell


Birth Date: July 7th

Birth Place: Vancouver, Canada

Height: 5'5"

Member Colour: Princess Pink

Languages: English, French

Hobbies: Finding bunnies in forests

Favourite Food: Strawberries

Comment from Emily
During my time in SYA, I want to make as many people smile as possible!

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